Nature travel photography documenting the beauty of the world

Welcome to my blog. I created The World Through a Lens out of my love of nature photography and travel. I wanted to create a place to showcase my photography and adventures; whilst helping other people do the same. There are some amazingly stunning places on this earth and I want to help every single one of you to go and see them. I have a passion for nature and I love to travel to less touristy, unspolit places. As well as more popular backpacker locations, in order to meet new people and enjoy the backpacker expereience. The problem most nature lovers face is that the most unspolit places are rarely documented, as if they highly featured in travel blogs and guides, they would most likely over time become spoilt. I aim to help people who are looking for less spoilt places to find them. Saying that, I do travel to and document the more typical backpacker destinations. This is because, I feel when you travel alone, like myself, it is nice to meet other travellers and party; which is hard to do in more remote places. This can be a good idea as you can meet travel buddies there, to go traveling with and keep you company, in more remote reasons. Just look below to check out some of the places to visit. I provide advice, stories and candid photos; all from my personal experience.

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