I caught the bus from Alice Springs straight to Darwin, without stopping. I regret not stopping as there were so many beautiful national parks along the way, which I missed out on seeing. Though I had already seen a lot and had a lot more to see; including crocodiles. There are many national parks along the way where you can see the untainted nature of the outback. If you have more time than me I would most certainly recommend stopping there. It is impossible to see everything and I wanted to get to Darwin to meet people; so I was not too upset about this. Long bus rides aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed this one. We perhaps travelled 12 hours through flat desert without even encountering a hill. I felt this gave me a sense of the scale of Australia. It helped me appreciate how big Australia is and indeed the world is. Once we arrived in Darwin I checked into my hostel. There was a big bar in the hostel. The rooms were basic but had air conditioning which was the most important thing as Darwin is one of the hottest places in Australia. I spoke to a few people briefly that night but this did not matter, as I was extremely tired after the bus journey and wanted to get a good sleep.

Unfortunately, this did not happen as the people in my dorm got up early. However I did talk to a few people from my dorm and went to breakfast with one guy. I then walked around town a bit and got a haircut; which I desperately needed as my hair was so long, it was impossible to style. Afterwards I found a shop selling items made of Crocodile skin from the local crocodile farm. It was all extremely expensive but I wanted a souvenir; I eventually settled on a bracelet made of crocodile leather with teeth on the outside which only cost $20 (£13). I then decided to go into the crocodile farm and have a look around. The crocodiles were so huge. Some people were even brave enough to go in a cage and swim with them. Though I did not do this. I was given a fishing rod with some food on and given the opportunity to feed the smaller fresh water crocodiles. I was concerned at first, they might pull on the rod but they took the food straight off the line without doing so.


In Darwin you can get very close to the crocodiles

people swimming with australian saltwater crocodile

Later on I went to the bar with the people from my dorm. We had a fun time there and it was interesting to hear all their stories. After a few drinks we hit the clubs. Unfortunately, I was so tired and hungover the next day that I could not do much. Expect hit the roof top bar and clubs again the following night. I really enjoyed the social aspect but there was not much to do in Darwin. It seems it is more of a starting and end point, for people travelling across the outback and seeing the national parks. There were many national parks near but I did not want to book a tour that left early in the morning, as it would not be fun getting up early after a night out. I made provisional plans to join a Scottish girl on a tour to see the flying crocodiles; which started at midday. Though I did not end up going as it was sold out. This was a significant point in my journey as it was the last point I visited in Australia before flying off to Asia.


Getting different angled photographs of the crocodiles was easy due to the layout of the farm.

australian saltwater crocodilel

  1. Very interesting again Adam – keep posting !

  2. What a lovely descriptive recount of your travels

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