I am both excited and sad to leave Brisbane. The thought in my mind, of leaving the friends, that I have made and everything familiar was scary. I was excited though to have finished my work and set off traveling. This trip will be by far, the most interesting and complex journey I have done in my life. I was just leaving and after only walking one hundred meters, my backpack started to break. Unfortunately, this meant I had to carry it with my hands the whole way. Despite this set back, I made it to the train on time. As the train rolled out of Brisbane’s Roma street station, I thought about my happy memories I have of Brisbane. Despite this I feel it is time for me to move on and do something exciting.

The train was a pleasure to travel on. There were good toilets, showers, a restaurant car, reclining seats and the leg room was ample. I found it a little hard to sleep as I could not lie down fully. Although if you have the money you can always get a railbed. As the sun rose and the day went by the train passed through the vast farmland and bush of Queensland giving you an idea of the scale of Australia. The main thing I noticed was that as I went North the bush got wetter and it was warmer.

The hostel in cairns was probably the best hostel I have been to yet. It is called Gilligan’s backpackers. Everyone there was friendly and talked to me. It was so easy to make new friends. There was even a good bar which was part of the hostel; it had events on every night. Probably the most memorable moment was at the hostel bar. There was a competition to win a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and it was down to the last two guys. They were made to play a game of gay Chicken. I watched eagerly to see who would back out first, as I was sure that they would not actually make out. To my surprise they went at each other like a hungry African child would attack his first proper meal. Though I must say I have been to the Great Barrier Reef before and it was one of the most beautiful sites I have seen in my life.

I was woken up the next day early so decided to get up and go for a walk in the rainforest. It was nice to see the rainforest and I enjoyed taking the walk at my own pace. I got some interesting macro shots of the moss and a rainforest ant. I also got a good shot of the city from the mountains.

On my last day, I decided to go on a tour to Cape Tribulation. I thought this would give me a good chance to see the Daintree again. I booked a tour from my hostel. We visted a wildlife place where you could walk in and see some of the Australian animals. We then moved on to cape Tribulation; where I got some great photos on the boardwalk. Finally we turned back. We had a stop over at a rainforest ice cream place. My favouite ice cream was most certainly Soursop; it has a very sweet refreshing flavour. Unfortunately you can’t buy it in the super market! We then went for a cruise on the Daintree river to see some crocodiles. We saw one swimming and one on the bank, but it was a rather small one.

For my last night, I decided to have a night in, as I was so tired. Though as the people staying in the hostel, in the same room as me, decided to do the same, I ended up staying up talking for a bit; so did not get that much sleep. In the morning, I was picked up by my mum’s friend which was very kind of her. We talked about traveling, which was interesting as she was telling me about some of the places I was yet to visit.

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